Why Has Your Denture Plate Warped?

Some damage to dentures is easy to understand. For example, if you accidentally drop your teeth, you won't be surprised if they crack or break. However, some damage to false teeth may be a little more perplexing. If you put your dentures in and notice that they don't fit right, then the denture's plate may have warped and changed shape. What causes a denture to warp and how can you fix it? [Read More]

Managing Root Canal Pain: Can Cucumber Help?

If you're waiting to see your dentist because you think you have an infection and need root canal treatment, you may need to manage some fairly intense pain until you can get to your appointment. While taking analgesic medication may take the edge off the throbbing, it may not be enough to get rid of all the pain completely. To boost your pain relief, you can try reaching into the fridge and using some cucumber. [Read More]

Sugar-Free Gum and Oral Health: How Much Gum Should You Chew?

Chewing on sugar-free gum can be a useful way of keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy between your morning and evening brushing sessions. Regular chewing can also help prevent dental problems such as decay and gum disease by helping your mouth counter the negative effects of plaque, acid and sugar. To get the best effects from gum, you may want to establish a daily chewing routine. What Are Best Times to Chew Sugar-Free Gum? [Read More]

Dinner Ideas for People with Braces

The first week of having new braces can really put a dent in your child's ability to eat the dinners that you might usually put on the table, and it may, at times, feel like he or she has reverted back to babyhood. But, don't despair! After a week or so things will become a lot more easy, and your child will able to graduate onto foods with more texture. For now, here are some handy tips for good, healthy meals your child can eat during the first week adjustment period. [Read More]