3 Misconceptions About Denture Repairs

Many patients who consider getting dentures don't know much about this tooth replacement option. Therefore, they may end up having misconceptions about how damaged dentures are repaired. Dentists have heard it all—from claims that a damaged denture is irreparable to rumours that partial dentures are useless once broken. This piece will uncover 3 common misconceptions about denture repairs and why you should consider getting dentures as a reliable option for missing teeth. [Read More]

When Should You Visit Your Dentist For Tooth Extraction?

The extraction of teeth is required in some instances. Although tooth extraction procedures aren't conducted often, some scenarios must be handled by a dentist as soon as possible. This helps prevent severe problems from occurring and ensures your dental health is maintained. Outlined below are some common examples that lead to tooth extraction. A spreading infection If you have a dental infection, it's crucial to have it checked out by a dentist as soon as possible. [Read More]

Cosmetic Dentistry – Ways to Remedy Gaps in Your Teeth

While cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions for an assortment of dental problems, one of the most popular treatments is eliminating gaps in patients' teeth. These gaps can come about due to a range of reasons. For instance, you may have a diastema (a gap in between your upper incisors), or perhaps you lost a tooth resulting in a large, unsightly gap in your mouth. Irrespective of the reason, cosmetic dentistry can help fix this since there are many treatments specifically designed for this problem. [Read More]

Are Your Diuretics Damaging Your Teeth?

If you take diuretic tablets to manage water retention caused by a medical condition, then you may experience some side effects. While your doctor ran through the common problems you might have when you started taking your tablets, they may not have talked to you about how your medication might affect your teeth. If you've had more problems with your teeth since you started taking your tablets, then there may be a connection. [Read More]