Why You Need to See Your Dentist Before You Start Playing Hockey

In 2015, a hockey player in Queensland received a blow to the face from a hockey stick. Unfortunately, she was wearing an over the counter mouth guard which did not adequately protect her teeth. She had to undergo extensive emergency dental surgery in order to save her teeth and correct the damage. If you are considering taking up the sport of hockey, you should visit your dentist before you pick up your stick and play your first match. [Read More]

Preparing for Dental Implants Surgery – Fundamental Issues that Should be Considered

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to replacing missing or damaged teeth, even in cases where the patient has suffered bone loss. When properly maintained, dental implants can last a lifetime; therefore, the decision to undergo surgery is one that should be given careful consideration. Careful planning and preparation on your part and that of the oral surgeon is critical for the success of the procedure. Here are some of the key considerations that should be made before and during the treatment process. [Read More]

Can You Have All-on-4 Dental Implants If You Smoke?

If you need to have your natural teeth replaced by dentures, you may be considering using All-on-4 dental implants to fix your teeth into place. Like single implants, an All-on-4 procedure inserts implant posts into your jaw bone to hold false teeth. However, rather than having a post for each tooth, you'll have four posts on each of your arches to hold all your teeth. If you're worried about wearing regular dentures and want a more natural solution, this can be a good option. [Read More]

Taking Care Of A Cracked Tooth

A tooth can crack when you are given a blow while playing contact sports like hockey, or when you least expect it to, such as when you are grinding hard on the tooth. Whatever the case, the crack comes with an unbearable amount of pain. At times, the crack is accompanied by swelling as well. The following are tips on how you can take care of a tooth immediately after it has cracked. [Read More]