5 Common Issues With Braces and Retainers and What to Do If They Happen

In the long term, braces can help to improve your smile, but in the short term, you may experience various issues with your braces in between appointments. Here's a look at some common issues and some tips for dealing with them. 1. Broken Wire When you have braces, metal wires stretch between brackets that have been affixed to your teeth. The wires pull your teeth into the desired spots, and to encourage this process, you get the wires tightened on a regular basis. [Read More]

Help Your Kids to Grow Healthy Teeth

A family dentist can help remedy the dental problems that your family members may face, but you also have an active role to play in ensuring that your loved ones maintain good oral health. If you have small children in the house, you should help them take good care of their teeth so they can maintain a beautiful smile. Small children are particularly susceptible to the risk of developing tooth decay and/or cavities if they do not get proper oral care. [Read More]

What Triggers Tooth Discolouration?

Having discoloured teeth can make a person shy away from engaging in discussions they'd love to be part of by making them feel too embarrassed to speak to others. Thankfully, a dentist who practices cosmetic dentistry can always provide a solution for the problem once they have examined the patient. If your adult teeth still have their natural colour but you are concerned that they might become discoloured over time, then you need to be informed about what causes the problem so you can prevent it if you can. [Read More]

4 Safe and Effective Ways to Acheive a Whiter Smile

If you want a whiter smile, you are not alone; there is great demand for teeth-whitening products, which is why there are so many on the market. But are these the best way to achieve white teeth? Read on to find out how to achieve the dazzling smile of your dreams in the safest and most effective ways. 1. Check your whitening toothpaste Long-term use of whitening toothpastes can be potentially harmful to the teeth as they contain silica; silica is an abrasive agent added to whitening toothpastes to slough off the surface stains on your teeth quickly and easily. [Read More]