The Dangers of Incorrectly Fitting Dental Grills

If you're thinking of updating your image to copy that of one of your idols, you may be thinking of having a dental grill fitted. A solid gold or platinum dental grill fitted across your teeth can be the ultimate item of bling, especially if you have a few gemstones included in the design. Grills can be a permanent fixture or a clip-on accessory to be worn occasionally, like a piece of jewellery. [Read More]

Braces Wearers: How Dentists Can Help You to Overcome Dental Issues That Develop

People who have been advised to wear braces in order to correct dental issues, such as misaligned teeth, normally have to wear those braces for an extended duration. Dental issues, such as suffering trauma to the teeth, may develop when you are wearing those braces. This article discusses some steps that professionals can take in response to some of those situations. Soreness and Ulcers Some people have sensitive dental tissues, such as gums. [Read More]

Mouthing Off: Seeing an Emergency Dentist

While we often ignore our oral health, sometimes that's no longer an option.  Whether you chip a tooth at home and can't get a quick enough appointment with your regular dentist, or you are away on vacation with chronic tooth pain, there may come a time when you need to visit an emergency dentist.  But what's the procedure for doing so, and how do you know whether it's worth making a visit? [Read More]

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

Like it or not, other people make judge you by your appearance. The way that you look can have a big implication when it comes to getting a promotion at work on the one hand, or getting somebody to agree to go out with you on a date on the other. While you don't have any control over your genetics and how you look in general you can certainly control one of the most important visual aspects – your smile. [Read More]