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A Daunting Dining Adventure With Dentures: How to Enjoy Snags and Steaks With Dentures

When you first get your dentures, your menu will be rather limited—at least until your gums heal. Once you can eat most foods without pain, you'll then begin the process of learning how best to enjoy the more solid food items you like.

While it is true that you can't quite eat with the same level of comfort afforded by your natural teeth, that doesn't mean solid foods like steak are off the menu. You can still enjoy typical Aussie barbecue fare like sausage and steak. You may simply have to make some slight adjustments.

Sizzling Snags and Steaks

You don't have to look on in despair as everyone else enjoys steak and snags at your next backyard barbecue. As long as your gums have healed and you have spent some time practicing eating in your dentures, you can tuck into snags and steaks. However, until you completely master eating in your dentures, make the following adjustments.

Eat Your Sausages Skinless

The skin on sausages can be quite a challenge even for the most experienced denture wearers. However, the painless and embarrassment-free way around that is to eat your sausages skinless. Don't worry, that doesn't mean you have to skin your sausages right there at the barbecue. You can buy skinless sausages in most supermarkets these days.

If someone asks you why you eat them skinless, you can simply tell them you prefer them that way, no explanation needed.

Prepare Your Own Steak Before the BBQ

If you loved your steaks well done before, it might be a challenge to eat them that way with dentures. Instead, you can switch to rare or medium rare. That will ensure your steaks are soft and easy to chew. It helps if you buy and prepare your own steaks, then take them to the barbecue.

That way, you can beat them into a pulp the evening before, to break apart the tough muscle fibres. Once you have adequately pounded your steak—or steaks—into submission, you should marinate them in a marinade of your choosing. Try to include something with citric acid, such as lemons, as the acid helps to break down the tough fibres, enabling you eat comfortably.

Preparing your own food in this way will not only help you to enjoy barbecue fare like every other Aussie, but it could also win you some food fans. Your flavorsome steaks that melt in the mouth, and skinless sausages might become a big hit. And all the while, you can comfortably eat without anyone else even realizing that you are a denture wearer.