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Why Soak Your Dentures Overnight?

If you've recently started wearing dentures, then you might clean them regularly, but you might not take them out at night to soak them. While regular cleaning is important, an overnight soak is also an essential part of an effective denture care routine.

What are the benefits of soaking your dentures overnight?

Give Your Dentures a Deep Clean

Dentures contain tiny pores on their surface. You can't see these pores with the naked eye; however, they make a good home for bacteria. This bacteria can give you dental problems, such as bad breath and infections. If it builds up enough, then it makes dentures smell bad. They might then also affect your sense of taste.

When you brush your dentures, you remove surface particles; however, brushing alone isn't necessarily enough to completely clean your false teeth. It won't deal with this pore bacteria. Toothbrushes can't clean out these pores even if you brush your dentures really carefully. Plus, denture toothbrushes are typically softer than the norm to avoid damaging the surfaces of your false teeth. So they can't come close to giving your dentures a really deep clean.

The best way to get rid of this bacteria build-up is to soak your false teeth in a specialist cleaning solution overnight. These solutions are designed to get rid of denture bacteria. As your teeth soak in the solution, it seeps into the pores. It dissolves and removes bacteria and particles. So your dentures will get the deep clean they need to keep them—and your mouth—in the best possible condition.

Give Your Mouth a Break

You aren't supposed to wear removable dentures all the time. Your dentist will usually tell you to take them out at night. Even if you don't clean them overnight, you should keep them in water so that they stay moist and in good condition.

This overnight break isn't just good for your false teeth. It is also good for your mouth. When you wear dentures all day, you put stress on your gums and jawbones. The dentures might rub on the soft tissues in your mouth. If you take your dentures out at night to soak them, then you give your mouth the rest period it needs. It gets some time to relax. You're less likely to have problems with your gums, bones or soft tissues.

Your dentist can recommend effective overnight soaking products. They can also give you more denture care tips and help you fix any problems you might have as you get used to wearing your new teeth. Keep these tips in mind when getting dentures from a dental clinic near you.