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3 Ways Cosmetic Dentists Can Improve Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

You brush your teeth twice a day, floss after every meal, eat fruits, and avoid sugary snacks. However, every time you stare at a mirror, you do not like how your teeth look. See, healthy teeth do not translate to attractive teeth. That is why some people close their mouth when they smile or avoid smiling at all. If you are not satisfied with how your teeth look, a cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance with porcelain veneers. Here are ways cosmetic dentists make porcelain veneers work. 

Teeth Colour

If you drink coffee or too many carbonated drinks, your teeth's colour will begin to turn yellow over time. Teeth discolouration also kicks in as you age. While an oral cosmetic procedure, such as teeth whitening, can restore your teeth' brightness, it does not work for extensive discolouration. The reason is that teeth whitening procedures are superficial and can leave you with uneven shades. A cosmetic dentist will use a solution that covers unsightly discolourations and gives you a new look. They do it by carefully matching thin porcelain layers with your teeth's colour.

Tooth Shape

Healthy teeth should be strong and resilient, but it does not mean that they cannot be damaged. For instance, if you grind your teeth a lot or love chewing hard objects, such as ice cubes, your teeth will slowly deteriorate. Accidents can also leave you with chipped or broken teeth. The scenarios change the shape of your teeth, with some teeth appearing shorter or crooked than others, affecting your smile. Notably, teeth shape is unique to an individual, and only a cosmetic dentist can mould porcelain veneers to match your dental profile. For example, if you have rounded incisor but one is chipped, a cosmetic surgeon can customize a veneer to match the remaining one. You achieve an attractive smile as long as your teeth and veneer shape match. 

Tooth Size

Some people are very uncomfortable with the size of their teeth. Ideally, a normal-sized tooth is proportional to the lips and the amount of gum visible when you smile. Therefore, the proportion looks awkward if you have shorter teeth, leaving you with a weird smile. A cosmetic dentist will examine all your teeth and determine those that need lengthening to achieve a more appealing size. Porcelain veneers make it possible because they create the illusion that all your teeth are of the same size. That said, cosmetic dentists recommend porcelain crowns if you have lost most of a tooth's portion.