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Cosmetic Dentistry – Ways to Remedy Gaps in Your Teeth

While cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions for an assortment of dental problems, one of the most popular treatments is eliminating gaps in patients' teeth. These gaps can come about due to a range of reasons. For instance, you may have a diastema (a gap in between your upper incisors), or perhaps you lost a tooth resulting in a large, unsightly gap in your mouth. Irrespective of the reason, cosmetic dentistry can help fix this since there are many treatments specifically designed for this problem. Nevertheless, you need to know which dental treatment will be suited to your specific gap problem. The article below lists a few of the ways that you can remedy gaps in your teeth via cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dental bonding

If you have a large diastema that is conspicuous, then you may want to consider dental bonding as a possible solution to your dental problem. Dental bonding entails the use of a resin that is the same hue as your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will mould the resin onto the affected teeth, ensuring that the resin covers the gap. Once the resin has been formed to appear similar to your regular teeth, your cosmetic dentist will cure it with ultraviolet light. The final product is a hardened material that seems identical to your natural teeth. Dental bonding is not only employed for gaps; you can also choose this type of restorative treatments for cracks and chips on your teeth.

Cosmetic dental veneers

Another way to get rid of gaps in your teeth is via dental veneers. Veneers refer to shell-like structures that are applied directly onto the teeth's surface. Your cosmetic dentist will start by fling down the enamel of the teeth to ensure that the veneers fit snugly on the surface. However, it should be noted that veneers are only suited for small gaps in between your teeth if your smile is to have a natural appearance. The great thing about veneers is that they tend to be stain resistant, so you may want to consider teeth whitening for your original teeth to enhance the overall appeal of your smile.

Cosmetic dental implants

If the gaps in your mouth are caused by tooth loss, then the best option for you is cosmetic dental implants. These implants are affixed directly into your jawbone, so they look identical to your natural teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will take a mould of your mouth so that the implant will have the same shape and size of the missing tooth.  Implants may be expensive, but it's likely that they will last you a lifetime. 

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