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Why Professional Orthodontic Treatment Is Superior to Mail-Order Orthodontics

In the current digital era, it seems everyone can get anything online. Thus, it is unsurprising that people are now receiving dental care options directly at their doorstep. These mail-order treatment options may seem convenient, but they are in no way supposed to be a replacement to seeing a dental professional. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it is particularly essential to see an orthodontist rather than simply ordering a self-administering kit online to straighten your teeth. If you were considering straightening your teeth unsupervised by a dental professional, here are the reasons why professional orthodontic treatment is ultimately superior to mail-order orthodontics. 

Comprehensive dental examination

Moving your teeth back into place is a complex process. Before you undergo any orthodontic treatment, thorough dental examinations need to be done to ensure that the best results are accomplished. Your orthodontist will not only physically examine the current placement of your teeth, but they will also carry out some x-rays to determine how severe the misalignment is. Self-administered orthodontic kits cannot provide you with this critical step, as you would not be receiving an expert consultation.

Accurate dental impressions

Another vital step before receiving orthodontic treatment is the creation of a mould of your teeth. However, some people assume that creating this impression is as simple as setting their teeth in a malleable material. In truth, incorrect placement of the mould could lead to an inaccurate impression, and this can compromise the efficiency of your orthodontic treatment. Improper sizing and flaws in the mould could cause some of your teeth to miss out the proper alignment, which would make the orthodontic treatment a waste. When you visit an orthodontic professional, you can be assured that there will be no chance of inaccuracies in your dental impression, which ensures perfectly fitting dental aligners.

Precise attachment of the orthodontics

For tooth alignment to be successful, orthodontics need to be fitted as accurately as possible. Mail-order orthodontic treatments may provide you with the convenience of installing them in the comfort of your home, but if you are not adept at handling these devices, you will not fit them in the proper position. The aligners could be excessively tight or too loose, or they could just be placed in the wrong section of your teeth. An orthodontist would be best adept at fitting your aligners for you to ensure a high success rate with your teeth straightening.