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Help Your Kids to Grow Healthy Teeth

A family dentist can help remedy the dental problems that your family members may face, but you also have an active role to play in ensuring that your loved ones maintain good oral health. If you have small children in the house, you should help them take good care of their teeth so they can maintain a beautiful smile. Small children are particularly susceptible to the risk of developing tooth decay and/or cavities if they do not get proper oral care. Here's what you can do to ensure your little one maintains good oral health as they grow older:

Help them with daily dental cleaning.

Proper oral hygiene habits should start before a baby's first tooth sprouts — parents can use a clean, lint-free, soft cloth to clean their child's gums. When teeth start to appear, brushing is critical from the outset. There are small, soft-bristled toothbrushes and toothpaste for young children. Start flossing when your child's first teeth start to touch each other.

Feel free to ask your dentist about the best brushing and flossing techniques and schedules and help your child with the cleaning procedures until they are old enough to do the cleaning themselves. Even then you'll want to carefully supervise the process.

Use fluoride. 

When your child's teeth erupt, you can start using fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride will help toughen the tooth enamel and make teeth strong. Many towns and cities in Australia are required to add a bit of fluoride to municipal water. If you reside in an area without fluoridated water supply, you can ask your dentist to prescribe a fluoride dosage for your child.

Watch what they eat and drink.

Small children love to eat and drink the sweet stuff. For the sake of their dental health, it is important that you monitor and reduce your little one's sugar intake. Allowing your child to consume sugary foods (like biscuits, cookies, sweet candies, sugary cereals, etc.) and sugary drinks (like juice, soda and sports drinks) will only increase the risk for tooth decay and cavities. A dentist who specialises in family dentistry can advise you on what foods are tooth-friendly for your young one.

Take them for regular dental checkups and cleanings.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take your little one for dental checkups and cleanings on a regular basis. Regular dental visits will ensure potential issues are detected and remedied early.