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The Dangers of Incorrectly Fitting Dental Grills

If you're thinking of updating your image to copy that of one of your idols, you may be thinking of having a dental grill fitted.

A solid gold or platinum dental grill fitted across your teeth can be the ultimate item of bling, especially if you have a few gemstones included in the design. Grills can be a permanent fixture or a clip-on accessory to be worn occasionally, like a piece of jewellery. A dentist who specialises in cosmetic dentistry would certainly be able to fit you out with a grill, but is that really such a good idea?

Read on for the lowdown on the latest celebrity fad.

Mouth grills and oral health

If you insist on having a permanent dental grill fitted, always use a qualified dentist who is experienced in fitting grills.

Poorly fitting dental grills can cause headaches and toothache, because the grill may push your teeth out of their natural alignment. In severe cases, braces might even be needed to rectify the damage done by a poorly fitting grill. If the grill is loose and move around in your mouth, the enamel on your teeth could be chipped and damaged, which could create a weak spot, allowing decay to set in.

Remember that a permanent grill that is 'glued' over your natural teeth will probably trap bacteria underneath it, leading to tooth decay and chronic bad breath. If you have a clip-on grill, you must ensure that you take it out every day to clean your teeth and the grill.

Another potential hazard is that your teeth could be seriously damaged if your grill was accidentally knocked. Your lips and gums could also be injured.

Grills also change your bite and affect the alignment of your jaw. This could cause problems with speech and eating.

In conclusion

Although you may think that dental grills look 'cool', they can land you in a world of pain as far as your oral and dental health are concerned. If everything goes wrong and you buy a grill that doesn't fit properly, you could end up requiring a lot of treatment to put right the damage that the grill has caused. 

If you are still keen on having a dental grill fitted, be sure to discuss what you want with a good dentist. Never buy a grill on-line; you don't know what metal has been used to make the dental grill and it probably won't fit properly.