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Braces Wearers: How Dentists Can Help You to Overcome Dental Issues That Develop

People who have been advised to wear braces in order to correct dental issues, such as misaligned teeth, normally have to wear those braces for an extended duration. Dental issues, such as suffering trauma to the teeth, may develop when you are wearing those braces. This article discusses some steps that professionals can take in response to some of those situations.

Soreness and Ulcers

Some people have sensitive dental tissues, such as gums. Such people may feel sore or develop ulcers when they start wearing dental braces. A dentist or orthodontist can give such a person some dental wax to relieve the cause of the sores or ulcers. That wax is applied on the part where the metal of the braces is rubbing against your gums. That dental wax then hardens and cushions your gums from the braces. The soreness will stop and the ulcers will heal in a few days. Painkillers may also be given to deal with any pain that you may feel in the initial days of wearing your new braces.

Injuries from the Braces

Dental braces cover a significant part of your teeth. This makes it critical for you to exercise great caution at all times so that you avoid situations that will result in injuries to other organs in your mouth, such as the tongue, when your braces are involved in an impact. The dentist can give you a mouth guard to wear in case he or she notices that you keep getting involved in accidents that cause the dental braces to injure your lips or tongue.

Effects of Previous Tooth Trauma

You could have suffered a knock or a blow to your teeth before you started wearing braces. That trauma may have also occur when you had the braces. The effects of such accidents may affect the progress of your dental treatment. For instance, the root of the affected tooth may become attached to the bone tissue around it after the accident. Such a tooth may not adjust its position after that. Surgery may be needed to move it into a better position. Extreme cases may result in the removal of the tooth whose root has fused with bone tissue.

It is important that you alert your dentist in case any problem occurs to your teeth while you are wearing braces. Prompt intervention will prevent the problem from worsening, and your treatment will remain on course in accordance with the timeline that you had been given when the braces were fitted.