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Did You Know That Slightly Crooked Teeth Can Be Fixed with the Same Stuff Used for Dental Fillings?

When it comes to teeth that are merely slightly crooked, a full set of braces might not be necessary. Your dentist might suggest dental veneers, which are wafer-thin pieces of porcelain composite that are bonded to your front teeth. They simply reshape the teeth in question, giving them a more agreeable alignment and filling in any gaps. But these veneers can represent a significant investment, even when a portion of the cost might be covered by your insurance provider or another type of rebate. In some instances, an application of dental composite resin might be more than sufficient. This is the same tooth-coloured substance that is used to create fillings, and it is simply applied over the teeth in question, adding substance and filling in the gaps created by having slightly crooked teeth. So how exactly does this process work?

Reshaping Your Teeth

The process involves having the dental composite resin applied to your front teeth in layers, essentially shaped to the point where you have an ideal smile. This application is often limited to teeth that only need a minor reshaping; teeth that are damaged or require significant additional bulk to bring them to the prefered size might still require a dental veneer or even a dental crown. Not all dentists are able to perform this reshaping procedure, so you might be referred to a specialist cosmetic dentist services clinic.

Quick Results

One of the key benefits of having your teeth reshaped with dental composite resin is that the effects are immediate. Veneers need to be created in a specially created in a dental laboratory before being bonded to your teeth. Your teeth need to be prepared before this can happen, which involves having a microscopic amount of the surface area filed off by your dentist. Dental composite resin is simply applied and once the mixture has set (which is almost immediate), the process is complete.

Things to Be Aware of ​

Dental composite resin is designed to mimic the texture of natural teeth, which means that it is a porous material. It's subject to degradation in the same way that your natural teeth are if you don't take proper care of them. You will need to adhere to an appropriate level of dental hygiene to ensure that the dental composite resin does not chip away from your teeth. Your dentist might need to polish the teeth in question to ensure that it does not discolour, which can happen over time. This polishing can happen when you receive your regular dental checkup.

So while significantly crooked teeth might require a different type of intervention, it's good to know that mildly crooked teeth can be quickly altered with dental composite resin—and all for far less than you would pay for dental veneers! Check out a dental clinic like DC Dental for more information.