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Why Has Your Denture Plate Warped?

Some damage to dentures is easy to understand. For example, if you accidentally drop your teeth, you won't be surprised if they crack or break. However, some damage to false teeth may be a little more perplexing. If you put your dentures in and notice that they don't fit right, then the denture's plate may have warped and changed shape. What causes a denture to warp and how can you fix it?

Dried Out Dentures

Although your dentures seem hard and strong, and they are made from a dry material, they do need some moisture to keep them in good shape. If you allow a set of dentures to dry out completely several times, they may become brittle, making them more likely to break if you drop them.

A complete lack of moisture can also affect your teeth's ability to maintain their shape. If you forget to soak your dentures in water when you aren't wearing them, they may dry out completely. If dentures don't have some moisture in them, they may lose their shape and you may notice warping effects around the plate. While this may not happen if you simply forget to put your teeth in water for a night or two, leaving them dry for longer periods may lead to problems.

Hot Dentures

You also need to be careful about the temperatures to which you expose your dentures. While hot water may be more effective when you're cleaning other stuff, like dirty dishes, it is not good for dentures. This is why your dentist will tell you to clean or soak your teeth in lukewarm or cold water.

If you soak or try to clean your teeth with very hot water, the acrylic that makes up your plate may bend out of shape, leaving you with a warped effect. Following online tips to put your dentures in the microwave to get rid of germs could also have a similar effect.

Can You Fix Warped Dentures?

If your dentures warped because they dried out, soaking them won't make them miraculously spring back to their original fit. Your teeth will be wet again but they'll keep their new shape. While you can change the shape of dentures by applying heat to them, this isn't recommended. You may be able to mould hot false teeth; however, you have no guarantee that you can get them to fit correctly again. You're also more likely to make the warping worse rather than better.

If your dental plate is warped, you should make an appointment with your dentist to see if anything can be done to fix your teeth. It may be possible to remould the plate in some cases; in others, you may need a new set of dentures.