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Managing Root Canal Pain: Can Cucumber Help?

If you're waiting to see your dentist because you think you have an infection and need root canal treatment, you may need to manage some fairly intense pain until you can get to your appointment. While taking analgesic medication may take the edge off the throbbing, it may not be enough to get rid of all the pain completely. To boost your pain relief, you can try reaching into the fridge and using some cucumber. How does cucumber work on root canal pain and how do you apply it?

Cucumber and Tooth Pain

Cucumber works on tooth pain in a couple of ways. This vegetable has haemostatic properties which may reduce the flow of blood around the affected tooth. This may give you some relief from root canal pain, especially if your tooth throbs a lot.

The juices in cucumber may also soothe your tooth and have anti-inflammatory effects if the tooth is inflamed. This may reduce swelling and pressure in and around your damaged tooth. Plus, if you're at the root canal stage where cold substances actually help your pain, cold cucumber that has been stored in the fridge may simply help numb the area for a while, giving you some temporary pain relief.

How to Use Cucumber on a Root Canal

There are various ways you can apply cucumber to an infected tooth. For example, you could try the following methods:

  • Cut a thin slice of cucumber and drape it over the tooth that hurts. You may also get some relief by putting a slice between your tooth and the inside of your cheek.
  • Cut a thicker slice of cucumber and place it on the tooth. If you can bite down without adding to your tooth pain, gently bite into the cucumber to release its juices.
  • Cut a piece of cucumber into very small pieces and mash them together before putting the paste on the tooth. You can add a little salt to the paste for an antibacterial effect or a drop of clove oil if you have it for a numbing effect.
  • Blitz some cucumber in a blender and take a drink of the juice. Hold the juice in your mouth, allowing it to wash over the area that hurts.

Bear in mind that you may need to adapt the temperature of the cucumber to fit the stage of your infection. If cold things make your tooth hurt more, don't use cucumber straight from the fridge and allow it to warm up before applying it. If cold relieves your pain, a cucumber from the fridge will give you better results.

While cucumber may help reduce your pain a little, it won't fix your root canal for you. It's important to have your infection sorted with a root canal treatment as soon as you can to avoid things getting worse. For more information, contact Revesby Dental Centre or a similar location.