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Dinner Ideas for People with Braces

The first week of having new braces can really put a dent in your child's ability to eat the dinners that you might usually put on the table, and it may, at times, feel like he or she has reverted back to babyhood. But, don't despair! After a week or so things will become a lot more easy, and your child will able to graduate onto foods with more texture. For now, here are some handy tips for good, healthy meals your child can eat during the first week adjustment period. 

Spaghetti with blended veggies

You still want your child to be consuming good, healthy foods during their brace-wearing adjustment, making this dish is a great one to serve. Simply cook your veggies and blend them with cooked pasta sauce in a blender. You could even add some cooked ground beef to the mix. Pour over spaghetti, add plenty of cheese on top and serve. Delicious!

Macaroni Cheese 

This dish is a hit with kids all year round, but it is a great choice for a meal when your child is adjusting to braces. Homemade is best, and not at all difficult to make.


There are so many delicious soup recipes floating around the internet, and there is no better time than now to try them out. Soups are a great option for a child adjusting to braces as there is no chewing involved; on top of that, soups are nutritious, filling and lovely as left-overs!

Sloppy Joes 

Meat is a great source of protein but is not the easiest to eat when braces have just been fitted. Why not give Sloppy Joes a try? This American classic is a great way of serving your child a meat dish that will be easy to eat.


While firm veggies are definitely not good for your child to eat right now, veggies cut up small and served with soft noodles are a good nutritious choice. 


This is a great time to rely on eggs to feed your child.  Eggs are soft, easy to eat and a firm favourite of most children. Any way your child likes them will work, but great choices for dinner are scrambled eggs, poached eggs, or an omelette, served with cheese and plenty of cut up, well-steamed veggies. Yum!

Give these a try, and if your child still wants more, a bit of ice-cream after dinner will feel wonderfully soothing on sore teeth.