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Teeth Whitening: One Easy Way to Increase Your Self-confidence

There are a lot of ways to feel happier in yourself; things like eating healthily, exercising regularly, meditating, and spending time with friends and family can all contribute to your well-being. In addition to these activities, taking small steps to enhance your physical appearance can also give you a confidence boost.

Whilst looks certainly aren't everything, taking the time to make sure you look your best has been shown to be an effective way to improve your mood. Good Therapy reveals that people tend to feel better mentally and emotionally when they make more of an effort with their appearance. Here, learn about one easy way to improve your image: teeth whitening.

The connection between your smile and your confidence

A bright, beautiful smile can do wonders for your overall appearance, giving you a more youthful, healthy look. Cosmetic dentistry treatments which enhance your smile can also increase your self-esteem, according to Aura Dental London; a study found that research participants with a complete set of white teeth felt better about themselves, and had a higher quality of life.

What if you don't have a perfect set of teeth?

If you're not blessed with naturally white, even teeth, don't worry, very few people are; the good news is that there are some simple measures you can take to create a more attractive smile. In addition to brushing and flossing a minimum of twice a day, you may also want to consider booking an appointment with your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can remove the stains left behind by smoking, coffee, wine and certain medications, which brushing alone cannot eliminate.

What type of teeth whitening treatment is right for you?

For those who want a more subtle lightening effect, at-home whitening kits are an excellent option. However, for those who want a more dramatic, noticeable difference, booking a professional teeth whitening treatment with a dentist is the best option; this procedure can make a person's teeth up to ten times whiter. Your Dentistry Guide explains that the treatment will involve the application of a potent solution of hydrogen peroxide onto the teeth. This product is usually left on for a maximum of 60 minutes. The results are immediate and long-lasting, with most finding that their teeth remain beautifully white for at least 12 months.

Do you have more questions about teeth whitening? Contact services like Hopkins Street Dental to learn more about your options.