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3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Practice for Your Family

Choosing a good dentist for you and your family is very important, as the health of your teeth and everything inside your mouth will depend on the relationship you develop with your dentist. He or she should do more than just clean your teeth and check for cavities with each visit; your dentist should be giving you advice on better oral hygiene practices if needed, and should also be alert to special risk factors for oral cancer such as if you're a smoker. In order to choose the best dental practice for you and your family, note a few suggestions.

1. Start with your insurance

Note if there are dentists that are included in your insurance plan and if you need to choose one from that group. It's also good to note what dental services are covered by your insurance, as you will then need to check on the pricing offered by a dental practice for services that are not covered. This can also include deductibles for office visits and other such costs. You need to compare the price for services from a dentist just as you would compare prices from a repairperson, but this starts with what is and what is not covered by your insurance plan.

2. Consider accessibility

You might like a dentist that is very close to your office so you can get a cleaning and X-rays during your lunch hour, but what about when your children need to be taken in for their exams? Will you want to make that drive into the city for those appointments? The very opposite might be true; you might consider a dental practice near your home but would one next to your office allow you to get your services done more conveniently throughout the week? 

You might need to note if a dental practice offers Saturday hours and emergency visits, especially if you have children. These factors about accessibility need to be considered so that you don't put off visiting a dentist just because it's too inconvenient.

3. Have a consultation

Very often you cannot make a decision about a dental practice until you visit the office in person. Does the staff put you at ease and do they work well with your children? Does the dentist seem to take an interest in your overall oral health and even your health in general? If a dentist seems rushed and disinterested in your oral health as a whole, he or she may not be the right choice. Your chosen dental practice should be a partner in the heath of your teeth, so consider if another dentist might be a better choice in this case.

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